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Related Stories   The Mighty Quinn: July 18   Lost letters sent by U.S. soldier during World War II end up in son's hands nearly 70 years later   New yoga travel company offers lower-budget retreats   Life in plastic: 45% of all cosmetic surgeries performed on Americans  With a John Boehner speakership fast approaching, I dutifully read up on the man. I learned he is a Midwestern fellow, born (like us all) into the virtuous lower middle class, one of 12 siblings and a man whose early career, in an unironic homage to "The Graduate," was in plastics. What I did not know - what was missing entirely from my reading - is that he might be French.Or Japanese. Or Finnish or British or even German. Whatever the case, this much is clear: No American, certainly not one about  Boston Bruins Youth Jersey to occupy a leadership position in our government, could possibly call the American health care system "the best health care system in the world." Boehner did just that last week. He was having an out-of-country experience.For statistical refutation, we need only refer to the CIA's World Factbook (no lefty think tank, to be sure) and check the health statistics. The United States is 49th in life expectancy. Our proud nation bests the Libyans in this category but not Japan, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and, of course, Italy. You not only live about two years longer in Italy, but you eat better, too.The same doleful situation applies to infant mortality. The CIA tells us that the nations that do the worst in this category are mostly in Africa. Then comes much of Asia and parts of South America, but when you  Steelers Polamalu Jersey start getting up there a bit, Cuba does better than the U.S. and so does Italy, Hungary, Greece, Canada, Portugal, Britain, Australia and Israel, among others. This should be an embarrassment to us all - but, clearly, it is not. To Boehner, these figures - infants dying before they can get a cupcake with a single candle in it - don't even exist.Looking elsewhere - think tanks, etc. - Boehner might come across a category that health care expert T.R. Reid labels "avoidable mortality." Among the richest nations, the U.S. is 19th of 19. America is awful at treating asthma, diabetes and kidney disease. If you have any of these, it's just your bad luck that  Flyers Jerseys Cheap you're not Japanese or French . . . or anything other than American. The U.S. does do well with breast and prostate cancer, but these are represented   by politically potent lobbies. See, we can do better when we want to.Boehner's Panglossian sentiment is shared by Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader who has vowed to roll back the Obama health care program. If McConnell thinks America   has the best of all health systems, who can blame him? When in 2003 he underwent heart bypass surgery, it was at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. This is a government facility staffed by government employees - what is sometimes called socialized medicine. His heart did fine, but he left the hospital untreated for Rampant Endemic Hypocrisy,  Patriots Women S Jersey a communicable disease that has swept the GOP and left it vulnerable to irrationality.

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の住居?ファンタスティック尻GirlsBeyonce、マナー、スタイルニュース2012年12月12日9 :14 amTheマナー爆弾ニュース内訳:ビヨンセのメイクアップアーティストは、彼女の肌は言う '完璧' Drayaミケーレは 'グッド尻女の子の服を発表し、ルイ·ヴィトンの春2013 Campaignby JIHAN 61魏ラング、ビヨンセのメイクアップアーティスト、私は "02heが言った、一つのことを"私は本当に、彼女にメイクをたくさん使用していけない "、02を言って、彼は彼女の出会いで使用製品についてカットに話を聞いた彼女が外に出たときにやっていることは輪郭(なぜならあなたの写真の)ではなくあまりにも重くなります。彼女は完璧な肌を持っているので、私はビヨンセ、キャメロンラッセル、Drayaミケーレ、ファンタスティック尻女の子、ルイ·ヴィトン、スパイスガールズ、スティーブン·マイゼル、ビクトリアベッカム、ヴィクトリアズ·シークレット、ビバフォーエバー!、魏Lang36 ResponsesFine宝石チームでReadingposted続行しないでください模倣に対して、スーOverstockjeweler.com
我ハンドバッグ愛好家は、おそらく、それはファッションの世界に来る偽造、最も精通している。時計、サングラス、Loubies  - しかし、我々はすべてのそれはあまりにも、他の場所で起こっていた知っていた。そして残念なことに、その、拡散 - 取り締まり、それは周りにあなたのyummiest宝石の模造品になるとオンになっていることをWWDのレポートを。脅威? "彼らの生産能力が良くなると、その品質が良くなるにつれ、中国は本当です。、宝石類をコピーする能力が良くなる"と、デビッドヤーマンのポール·ブルーム氏は述べています。そして、アクションが取られている、今年はティファニーは、eBayと先週に対して訴え提起した、カルティエ、ヴァンクリーフ&アーペル、グッチやブルガリ "Overstockjeweler.comとして事業を行いエレナカスタネダ、反対マンハッタン連邦裁判所に訴訟を提起した原告として。 。alleg [ること] Overstockjeweler.comは "、" "のレプリカ"とジュエリーデザイナーの洗濯物のリスト "の模造品を"のコピーをジュエリーやそれの特許請求の範囲は、 "触発"されている時計を販売しています,ティファニー 指輪。 "ブラムがまとめたように、 "我々は、すべてここで共通の目標を持っています。我々は、それはブランド、ビジネスとするため非常に危険だと思う

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