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PrivateJet.com - 以 三千萬 美元 售出

有可能 (據說) 是 史上 單一域名 銷售的 最高金額 -

PrivateJet.com Sold For $30 Million -
In What Maybe The Highest Priced Pure Domain Sale Eve

by Michael H. Berkens 2012 FEBRUARY 21

According to a Press release just out “”Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC (Nations) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Nations has acquired the domain name http://www.PrivateJet.com, from privately held Don’t Look Media.com, a leading intellectual property holding company, for $30.18 million in cash and stock.”"

The domain name PrivateJet.com appears to have been parked most recently according to Screenshots.com, and therefore looks like a pure domain name sale.

Jets.com sold for $375,000 through Sedo.com in 2009

Here is the rest of the press release:

“”The agreement has been approved by the boards of directors of both Nations and Don’t Look Media Group with an official launch for the new website in April of 2012.”"

“”The acquisition will increase Nation’s worldwide visibility throughout the entire private aviation sector and will allow it to begin delivering a proprietary medium for jet charter travel and acquisition. “”

“”Through the integration of its patented Jet-Connect Charter Bid System, Nations will deliver the industry’s most efficient platform for worldwide charter, aircraft acquisition and private jet sales.”"

“”By the end of 2012, it is expected that PrivateJet.com will be generating over 250,000 unique visitors per month from over 52 countries worldwide and will serve as the destination website for Private Jet Travelers, Pilots, Aviation Brokers and Consumers who prefer to live life without limitations.”"

“PrivateJet.com is a phenomenal asset and when integrated with our proprietary technology (which allows charter operators to compete directly for your flight), it will help us revolutionize the super luxury segment of Private Jet transportation,” said Nations CEO Kenneth Starnes. “Together both assets will create the future of real-time private travel so people can easily stay connected to family, friends, clients and colleagues anywhere in the world in the most efficient manner possible.”

PrivateJet.com will provide 24/7 in depth coverage of everything related to the ultra high net worth lifestyle and will entertain and fascinate thousands of private jet users all around the world with its daily editorials, breaking news and Private Jet Travel Specials. “PrivateJet.com is the one and only place you need to go to for everything private jet,” said co-founder Randall Da Costa. “By developing our proprietary social and trip bidding platforms, we have created synergy where there was none. Clients flock to our portal in droves and as a direct result of that, jet charter operators, aircraft sales personnel and other luxury goods and service providers are clamoring to be a part of it all. This is how you revolutionize a product,” Da Costa said.

“After many seven and eight figure offers for PrivateJet.com, it took the vision and experience that Kenneth Starnes brings to the table to convince myself and our board of directors to more forward with the disposition of this asset,” said Dont Look Media.com CEO Louis David. “Together, we will be able to accelerate defragmenting an industry that is ripe for new technological efficiencies, that will allow a more streamlined process for Private Jet Travel,” David said.

“Louis David has a great track record as a leader and an expert in developing, monetizing and liquefying intellectual property assets, so when we had the chance to have him remain involved with the company and its management team, we felt that his insights would be simply invaluable to Nations,” Starnes said.

Plans are already under way to create a universal media solution, which will include a Private Jet Magazine, Worldwide Lifestyle Events and a vast array of strategic partnerships, that will help PrivateJet.com be recognized as the world wide leader both online and offline.

And coming this Spring, PrivateJet.com will launch its exclusive PrivateJet.com “Carte Blanche Card” that will provide its members with a vast array of exclusive offers never seen before within the ultra luxury segment. To learn more, visit PrivateJet.com and click “Carte Blanche”.”"

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